failure is an event-not who you are.

jonathan rios

May 8, 2019

Hit your target


Ok- so you’ve got a few “goals” you’d like to hit. Everyone does. We’re all longing for something.
Here’s the best way to start making REAL progress.
2 simple steps…….
Identify your “Outcome goal” first. Here’s an example:
“I want to score more free throws during basketball games”
Next you identify (2-3) process goals. (Process goals are the things you will be doing daily to help you nail your Outcome goal).
1- I will shoot 500 free throws five days a week
2- I will visualize making free throws once a day for 3 minutes (visualization training)
3- I will receive technical feedback from a coach or expert shooter
The key is hammering your PROCESS goals. The little inches will become miles. Goals are often a game of inches

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