failure is an event-not who you are.

jonathan rios

May 8, 2019

You have to become a fool before you can be a master


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You have to be a fool before you can become a master. You have to be willing to look like an idiot. No matter what your career path or goal is. The secret to mastery is to embrace the day of foolish beginnings. Its a season for making errors. But most of us won’t go there- being foolish just wont do. We like to be good before we begin.
What would it look like for you to be “teachable”?
For you to be “flexible”?
For you to embrace “a childlike spirit”?
For you to relax about the fact that you aren’t an expert yet?
Take this to the bank- if you want to be good at something you have to be willing to be bad in the beginning. Press through the “badlands” bc there’s gold on the other side.
Don’t you quit. Keep pushing through those gnarly insecurities. Masters are the brave few who run towards their insecurities.

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