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  • Thank you so much Jonathan. In every step of the process of interviewing for this new job, I used the thinking, honesty, feelings and actions based on all the things you helped guide me through over the last year. I for the first time truly liked and believed in myself. I got the job!

    Thomas H. Writer/Sales trainer /Entrepreneur, PA
  • When we came to therapy we were desperate. My son's anxiety was really severe. After just a few sessions the changes were remarkable! Panic attacks & dry heaving are a thing of the past. Thank you Jonathan!

    T.F. Concerned Mother
  • I couldn't believe it. My anxiety was through the roof. After 3 sessions with Jonathan I went from having numerous panic attacks a day to just one in 7 days. I wish I had sought help sooner. Thanks Jonathan, I feel like myself again.

    G College Student
  • I came to therapy because my confidence was suffering. I knew I needed to get a handle on my mental game to perform at my best. Jonathan understands the mind of an athlete. Our sessions really gave me the boost I needed. My performances are far more consistent and dynamic. I'm playing with joy again. Thanks Jonathan.

    D. Athlete/Performer

GROUP THERAPY (Outdoor Setting)

Group Therapy: “experiential therapy”- Participants engage in mindfulness, psychological resilience, and stress relief training in, on, or near the ocean. Most sessions will introduce participants to ocean marine life (turtles, manatees, stingrays, tropical fish).


Jonathan works extensively with performers, veterans, addicts, & business professionals. His specialties include anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, addiction, & performance barriers.


“The fear we accommodate becomes our ceiling in life. The goal isn’t to make our world less scary. That’s unrealistic. We must become stronger & braver. We can actually outgrow our fears & insecurities through some voluntary training”. Jonathan Rios

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