failure is an event-not who you are.

jonathan rios

October 20, 2020

We long for comfort but crave the wild also


We work in luxurious air conditioned cubicles & soft chairs. Zoom calls galore. Overfed, over entertained, consumed by preoccupation with self (selfie culture). We are impressed with our own writing and our own stories.

If we aren’t careful we will have grown soft through extended luxury and abundance. A SUBTLE BOREDOM is eroding the soul of the masses.
Nothing wrong with rest and pleasure but perhaps it was never meant to be our main meal.
There is a inner call to the wild if you will simply stop to listen.
We need some struggle, some strain, a quest, and a challenge.
We are not disembodied spirits.
We are spirits caged inside a body.
The machinery needs to be worked. It needs to move and hustle or rust will set in…
A rust of soul and body👈🏼
This invitation will not fall into your lap. You will have to pursue the wild on your own accord.
Set challenges. Test yourself. Go into the unknown. There will never be a perfect time. You will have to leave your comforts for a time and embrace voluntary strain and calculated risk… but at least you will be alive and free and counted among the ones who refused to settle for business as usual lives.

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