failure is an event-not who you are.

jonathan rios

July 15, 2019

Help I’m anxious because I’m on a new path


Take this to the bank. You will likely experience “anxiety” anytime you take a new path. When you transition from familiar to “unfamiliar ”.

Why? Because your nervous system (especially your amygdala) is designed to keep you alive and locate anything that SEEMS “unfamiliar” or “threatening” (which is virtually everything) when you are on a new path.

Don’t get fooled! Just because our body is exhibiting symptoms of anxiety doesn’t mean we are on the wrong path.

When you start a new business you are likely to “feel” anxious.

When you enter a new relationship you are likely to feel anxious.

When you enter uncharted waters you are likely to feel fear.

Don’t be disheartened- keep exposing yourself to that which feels unfamiliar and it will become more familiar.

Start transitioning to self talk that says “I can handle whatever gets thrown at me” which is infinitely better than “I’m out of my league. I’m not safe”.

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