failure is an event-not who you are.

jonathan rios

July 15, 2019

Boundaries- enough is enough


Some horses are too wild to hang with the herd. They bite and buck and cause injuries to the others. What do you do with a dangerous animal? You separate it until it can learn new behavior. You train it. But it has to be teachable. 

We do the same with humans. If you don’t play nice we separate ourselves or we remove you from our inner circle. We learn that it’s ok to defend ourselves. We learn to bite if necessary to protect peace and health.

Why? So the herd can be safe. So individuals can be safe. 

Any dangerous people in your life? People that keep slandering, gossiping, back biting? No matter what you say they just passively or aggressively bully you and leave a trail of pain? 

If you stay near that person for too long don’t be shocked if you get bitten. Time to strengthen those boundaries people. It’s ok to say “ENOUGH!”

In the words of Teddy Roosevelt- Speak softly but carry a big stick👊🏽

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