failure is an event-not who you are.

jonathan rios

July 8, 2020

I don’t always complain but when I do it’s about something ridiculous


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Complaining rots you from the inside

As a father of four young daughters I am constantly learning about the nature of humanity.

We raise our children to be grateful, respectful, and honest. We demonstrate those traits daily to the best of our ability.

But daily, at least one of our daughters will whine, complain, and misread her blessings.
They think that life is about sugar, Netflix, and getting their way ALL the time.

Children aren’t always in touch with their blessings. They have to be reminded, corrected, and taught. There is a daily re-calibration (or at least there should be).

And of course adults are much the same. Some of us think life is about getting our way ALL the time. Winning ALL the time. Using our voice to blast someone else who has “more than we do”.
We complain to God & others about “what isn’t going right”. It becomes the focus of self help and conferences. “Get the life you’ve always dreamed of bc you obviously aren’t experiencing that life right now”.
And you know what, I can see why that message sells. I like the sound of that.

BUT here’s the thing… life is about GROWTH (growing up), seeing your blessings, expressing gratitude, and enjoying the now rather than “wishing for better days”. In fact, one day you may be old and realize you crapped all over “your best days” waiting for something better!!! You crapped on your spouse thinking “you deserved better”.

So many of us aren’t really able to savor the now because we think the now is “unimportant”. WAKE UP!👈🏼

Right now is all we have. The future isn’t promised. Our days are numbered💯

Life is like a fine wine, it will not appeal to children😬
Get into the “now” and give yourself time daily to “SEE” The blessings that are already in your lap. The good life belongs to the ones who can see it.🔥

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