Performance Coaching

High Level Performance

  • Thank you so much Jonathan. In every step of the process of interviewing for this new job, I used the thinking, honesty, feelings and actions based on all the things you helped guide me through over the last year. I for the first time truly liked and believed in myself. I got the job!

    Thomas H. Writer/Sales trainer /Entrepreneur, PA
  • When we came to therapy we were desperate. My son's anxiety was really severe. After just a few sessions the changes were remarkable! Panic attacks & dry heaving are a thing of the past. Thank you Jonathan!

    T.F. Concerned Mother
  • I couldn't believe it. My anxiety was through the roof. After 3 sessions with Jonathan I went from having numerous panic attacks a day to just one in 7 days. I wish I had sought help sooner. Thanks Jonathan, I feel like myself again.

    G College Student
  • I came to therapy because my confidence was suffering. I knew I needed to get a handle on my mental game to perform at my best. Jonathan understands the mind of an athlete. Our sessions really gave me the boost I needed. My performances are far more consistent and dynamic. I'm playing with joy again. Thanks Jonathan.

    D. Athlete/Performer

What can THRIIV offer me as an Athlete?

Poise, grit, mental toughness, relentless focus, mindfulness…these are skills every athlete needs to develop. Give us a call for a free 15 min phone consultation 540 388 7302


The pressure and the demand to perform can be crushing.Combining a mixture of first hand experience as an elite performer and years of psychological training makes me the perfect candidate to help you break free and reach the level you’re aiming for.

The X Factor

What is mental toughness? Mental toughness in sport or performance is the developed psychological edge that will enable you to be more consistent & better than your opponents in remaining: DETERMINED- FOCUSED- CONFIDENT- IN CONTROL UNDER PRESSURE

Every elite performer has this one quality but it takes work. Mental skills training is the X factor to take your game to the next level.

High Level Performance

Any athlete can relate to the experience of performance anxiety and the sensation of panic in the body. Fear takes the reigns & your cognitive abilities seemingly flutter away.

Our work together will be catered to your needs but will likely target the cultivation of impregnable confidence, relentless focus, and development of your mental skills to ensure you perform at the level you know you can.

Your issues may operate outside of your conscious control (meaning you aren’t aware & can’t understand why you keep making the same mistakes or seem to be lacking confidence). The effect of  hypercritical coaching or abusive parental figures, may be hardwired into your body memory. Therapy will seek to bring you the shift you need, both in mind, and in body.

My Athletic journey

I began playing soccer at the age of 6. I went on to represent numerous Olympic Development teams through childhood & earned a Division 1 soccer scholarship. I spent five years playing in the minor leagues of the United States & 2nd division in Belfast Ireland. 

I understand the pressure of elite performance. I work with aspiring amateurs and elite professionals. (Dancers, baseball players, high divers, soccer players, swimmers, football players, business owners, public speakers, radio DJ’s, & surfers).

I’m passionate about helping athlete’s face their fears, achieve their goals, live with no regrets, while also helping them to tune into the fact that athletics was never meant to become your identity, “it’s something you do, it’s not who you are”.

Topics we are likely to touch on:

Lack confidence (don’t believe in yourself?)

Perhaps you’re a perfectionist with a pervasive fear of embarrassment or humiliation.

Maybe you’re just looking to overcome negative self talk leading to poor performance.

Looking to develop grit & mental toughness

Experiencing a “Slump”- a string of bad performances

Struggling to recognize who you are outside of your “sports identity”.

Looking for practical techniques to use on game day.

Having a difficult time taking charge of your nerves

Group therapy sessions take place on or in the water. Individual Sessions take place in a Clinical Office Setting.

Individual sessions take place at the office (or in the case of severe Anxiety or Panic we also make house calls!)

Call 540 388 7302 for a free 15 minute consultation!