Individual Therapy

Invest in yourself!


Individual therapy can feel like foreign territory to first timers.

Therapy is designed to help you achieve your goals as fast as possible in a safe and dynamic environment.

There’s a popular myth in counseling that goes like this… “I see a therapist, we talk, I gain some illumination and then I get better”… This is only half true. The reality is, a therapist collaborates with you to see you achieve your desired goals. There’s real work to be done psychologically, spiritually, and behaviorally. Another massive benefit to therapy is having a safe space to confess and process hidden fears, shame, & desires that typically stay tucked away in the closet. The saying goes “you’re only as sick as your secrets”. It’s true. Most of us don’t have a safe space. Most of us just rationalize & minimize our secrets away. Beautiful things are worth fighting for…. wouldn’t you agree?

WHAT TO EXPECT: In most cases individual sessions are scheduled weekly. Depending upon the type of therapy, the discussion may be led by the client or by the therapist. Everything is completely confidential unless the client talks about harming self or others. We realize therapy is foreign to most participants so we take extra care to ensure our clients feel respected, safe, challenged, and protected.


  • Specializing in Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, Performance Coaching, Depression, Addiction (Sex & Substance)
  • Over 17 years of clinical practice
  • Utilizing AEDP, Somatice Experiencing, Exposure Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, CBT, Meditation, Mindfulness, Coaching, and Spiritual Formation
  • Both in person & virtual counseling available
  • Fully licensed with extensive training

Professional and Personable, our staff will provide the following:

  • Licensed Clinician
  • Detailed assessment & diagnosis
  • ¬†Guaranteed Confidentiality
  • Accessability
  • Professional referrals upon request