Mindfulness In Action

Group therapy utilizes adventure activities as one type of intervention in the clients overall treatment plan. Humans process and learn information differently. Some are visual learners, hands on learners, and audio learners, etc. The same is true in the field of Psychology -one singular approach doesn’t work for every client. According to the Association for Experiential Education, a person can learn more effectively when ALL senses are engaged in the learning process and when he/she is directly involved in the process. Our groups engage clients physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our activities require movement, psychological resilience, clear communication, attuned listening, and teamwork.

Your clients will meet our staff at a predetermined location along the coast line or intracoastal waterway. We strive to engage the ocean at High tide when the water is the clearest. Sessions may include: Strategic team building and group cohesion challenges, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Snorkeling local reefs with tropical fish, sea turtles, manatees, Exploring secluded islands ,  remote beaches, and mangroves, physical wellness activity, Geocaching on small local uninhabited islands. The UV rays are extremely strong in South Florida so we suggest all clients hydrate, wear sunscreen, and bring a hat if at all possible.

Here at Thriiv we have extensive experience in the field of Addiction and Mental Health. Our licensed clinicians have extensive experience working directly with utilization review and compliance with industry standards. We are well aware of industry documentation requirements and can ensure you will receive exemplary documentation within 24-48 hours. Your treatment facility will have the needed documentation to bill insurance for all services rendered.

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  • I felt relaxed. I wasn’t thinking about my issues, my bills, or anything worrisome. Such a good time! I definitely recommend THRIIV.

    Jessica T. Grad Student, VA
  • Thank you so much Jonny & everyone else at THRIIV. In every step of the process of interviewing for this new job, I used the thinking, honesty, feelings and actions based on all the things you helped guide me through over the last year. I for the first time truly liked and believed in myself. I got the job!

    Thomas H. Writer/Sales trainer /Entrepreneur, PA
  • I cannot recommend THRIIV’S experiential therapy enough. It connects a deep scientific understanding with a practical and fun approach to recovery. You actually forget that you are being "treated" until you recognize just how much more at ease you are! Perhaps most importantly, you learn skills that you can take with you beyond treatment, all while enjoying a great day on the water. For a spiritual and psychological therapy to be such a fun experience is really remarkable.

    Dan. S Attorney at Law/College Professor, FL
  • "The individual therapy has been amazing. I feel empowered and equipped to tackle my issues. Jonathan will give you the tools you need. He has a way of simplifying things & making them attainable"


Thriiv will provide each group the following:

  • Licensed Clinician/Experienced Waterman
  • Clinical documentation
  • Approved Life preserves
  • Frequent communication with treatment center staff
  • All sporting gear needed for group excursions
  • First aid supplies

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Interested in incorporating adventure therapy into your program? Group sessions are 2 hours in length at present and take place at various locations along the coast line and intracoastal.