Your life doesn’t get better by chance-it gets better by change!

Anything worth having in life, anything beautiful or worth while will not come without a fight. There’s a popular myth in psychology that goes like this “I see a therapist and they make me better”. The truth is, only you can change you. A therapist comes along side you, collaborates with you to help you achieve your goals. They help to spot your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots. A wise counselor can help bridge the gap between intentions and behavior. Are you ready?

FUN FACTS: Research has demonstrated that the sound of waves alters brain wave patterns, producing a state of relaxation. Studies also highlight the fact that spending time in nature decreased obsessive and negative thoughts by a significant margin. Creative problem solving can be drastically improved by both disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature.

At THRIIV we are huge believers in the healing qualities of nature, especially the ocean.


Your safety is our number one priority. All participants will be accompanied by an experienced waterman and will be required to wear an approved life jacket. The life jackets we use are designed to keep your head above water and help you remain in a position which permits proper breathing.

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