Your life doesn’t get better by chance-it gets better by change!

 True growth happens outside of the comfort zone. Therapy will allow you to identify your strengths & blindspots. We’ll also address neurological blockages & body memory to help you achieve your most desired goals.

Find yourself avoiding things you fear? You know, when we avoid things or make allowances we are teaching our nervous system & offspring that we are too fragile to handle things that make us uncomfortable.
These allowances condition us to believe we aren’t capable of handling challenge &  teaches younger generations that the world around them ought to be altered to meet their needs. This primes people to expect life to conform to their expectations & feel defeated and outraged when it doesn’t. It PROMOTES FRAGILITY as we wait helplessly to be acted upon.
The world isn’t going to become less sca
ry, you’re going to become braver because you’re not powerless. You’re an agent of change and we need you


Your safety is our number one priority. All participants will be accompanied by an experienced waterman and will be required to wear an approved life jacket. The life jackets we use are designed to keep your head above water and help you remain in a position which permits proper breathing.

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