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What are you holding on to?

There’s real Power in written & verbal confession.
Recently I was working with a client who held his dying three year old child in his arms as he took his last breath.
This happened 20 years ago but the pain and grief were ever present and crippling.
As we worked together I had him write a “See you later” letter to his deceased son. He poured his heart into that letter. He then read it to me.
He went on to tell me “for 20 years I could feel my sons last few heart beats on the arm his head was resting on… While he was passing I could feel his pulse from the back of his head…I felt that sensation for years…
Ever since I wrote that letter I can no longer feel the heart beat sensation on my arm. I think I was really able to say goodbye. I feel different. Somethings different in me. Something came out”.
What are you holding onto?

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