• The adventures were simply beautiful & amazing. I really enjoyed all of the spectacular marine life. Jonny is a guy that is passionate about enjoying Gods beauty that surrounds us & sharing it with others!!! THRIIV IS AWESOME!!!!! Enjoy the experience & see for yourself!!!!

    Erin C. Stay at home mom from N.J.
  • I recommend THRIIV to anyone who is looking for a great time with great people. So much fun getting out on the water, surrounding yourself with positive vibes, soaking in the sunshine, and unwinding from daily stresses. Jonny is a great guy, easy to talk with and will show you around some of the best scenic views of the east coast and inter coastal areas. If you need time to get away from your daily life and enjoy the salt water, breathing in the fresh ocean air, definitely put this on your laundry list of healthy activities to hit the reset at the end of your week.

    Jesse P. EMS-Paramedic, IN
  • There’s nothing like paddling in the crystal clear water with all the tropical fish- my tour with THRIIV was the highlight of my trip to Florida!

    K.M. College Student, VA
  • My tour with THRIIV was relaxing & engaging. The views were incredible. You’ve gotta try it! I’ll be back for sure!

    Justin L. Business Owner, NC

GROUP THERAPY (Outdoor Setting)

Group Therapy: “experiential therapy”- Participants engage in mindfulness, psychological resilience, and stress relief training in, on, or near the ocean. Most sessions will introduce participants to ocean marine life (turtles, manatees, stingrays, tropical fish).


Jonathan works extensively with performers, veterans, addicts, stay at home mothers, business professionals & spiritual seekers. His specialties include treatment of anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, addiction, & performance barriers.


Thriiv Company exists to connect participants to the healing qualities of the ocean. We utilize Florida’s natural environment, physical movement, and prescriptive experiential challenges to help you engage the moment, challenge your body & mind, still your soul, and lower your stress.


  • Prescriptive challenges & obstacles that engage clients in kinesthetic learning, mindfulness, physical wellness/movement, and  psychological resilience.
  • Coach participants in group cohesion and team work
  • Observe and offer feedback
  • Engage in hands on interaction rather than distant observation
  • Debrief each experience

When clients are out of the normal clinical setting they often let their guard down. They are no longer in “performance mode”. The make up comes off. They often forget they are “in treatment”. Clients engage their peers and the environment in a new and unrehearsed way. This gives perfect opportunity for clinical observation, interaction, challenge, and feedback. Rapport is often quickened and strengthened through these unique experiences.

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